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Carpet installation

Among the services offered by Schnipper Group to its customers there is the installation of carpet in any public premises (offices, business centres, hotels, restaurants). Qualitatively executed installation of flooring materials is one of the main factors affecting their look and life. The specialists of the company have extensive experience in performing similar works and are familiar with various technologies for installing carpet materials. The choice of a particular method of fixing depends on the features of the room, the material selected and the expected conditions for its operation.

In any case, the installation of carpet materials should be done after the completion of all types of finishing works in the room to avoid the possibility of contamination and damage of the carpet (or carpet tile). The carpet flooring has the undoubted advantage - they do not require excessive preparation of the base and can be installed on the existing flooring materials (linoleum, parquet) or concrete floor, if the ground is smooth enough, has no differences in height and slits. Before the installing process, the base must be thoroughly cleaned from all kinds of dirt, dust and dried.

Typically, before installing carpet tiles, a floor plan with a door for styling is drawn up. To do this, a line parallel to the wall is drawn on the floor with chalk, and the distances to the side walls are measured from this line. The tiles are distributed in such a way that the tiles nearest to the wall are cut exactly on both sides and keep the same size. If necessary, the marked line is shifted to comply with the above condition. At the intersection of both lines, an angle of 90 ° will be obtained.

One tile is laid and fixed at such an angle of 90 °, and the other tiles can then be placed next to this tile with sealed joints.

Trust the installation of your carpet only to real professionals: in this case it will last much longer and retain its presentable appearance. Among the advantages of the services of our company:

  • high professionalism of the specialistss, engaged in the installation of coatings;
  • guarantees for the accuracy of carpet cutting;
  • guarantees for all types of work performed;
  • within high quality we have the most competitive prices.

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